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Sustainable Home and Office Design

A healthy, comfortable home is an essential part of life, green design techniques will enhance any home.  A well-designed, pleasant space that minimizes use of chemicals, uses natural lighting, and incorporates other green elements can have a positive effect on its occupants’ health and comfort.  Homes with green technologies and appliances are likely to have greater market value than similar buildings without these green features.  

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Custom Renovation and Additions

If you want more space or want to add value to your home, an addition is the way to go.  Simply renovating your home is another way to upgrade and add resale value also.   Renovating your home will add many benefits for you and your family.  Better materials and construction techniques will provide you a safer environment with correctly designed spaces.

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Custom Home Design

A custom built home has many benefits.  For one, the house is designed for you.  You will decide on your cabinets, your colors, even the locations of the rooms.  It will fit your lifestyle and your family.   Compared with older homes, new homes offer better overall construction, as well as more advanced, longer-lasting building materials.  In addition, indoor air quality is superior, thanks to advances in heating and air conditioning systems.  Insulation quality is also vastly improved over older homes.  Overall, newly constructed homes are healthier, more comfortable, more energy-efficient, and more appealing to the eye.

See examples of New Home Designs under the Services tab.